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Information for handicapped persons

Here you have some special informations about our extras for disabled guests.

Accessibility Info
here you can check out our stuff for people with disabilities.

Dear guests with disabilities,
in our hotel, holiday for wheelchair users is more than just a barrier-free accommodation.
Our family offers more than 20 years for handicapped persons nice vacation.
From this experience and many conversations with guests based,
many special extras have been created, beyond the normal hotel deals
go out and make up the uniqueness of the Hotel Victoria.

Thus, ground-level entrance, continuous way to accommodation, door width 90 cm,
way entry and elevated beds, wheelchair accessible bathroom with
way entry sink, shower and navigable raised toilet with grab bars
and convenient way entry table in the restaurant and bar in the standard house
and should not be further highlighted.

A special advantage of the hotel is its location with beautiful views
To the Oberstdorf mountains! Despite have located in the middle of the Alps
just wheelchair users in our best opportunities for activities.
is through the wide Upper Valley villages and the many side valleys, there are countless
level walking and hiking trails. But from the guest house is about 40 km
wheelchair accessible, specifically described in our hiking trips.
The hotel is situated in the hamlet of Oberstdorf Rubi, an idyllic village
from the outskirts of Oberstdorf located about 1.5 km. In the 3 km away
Center can be reached on foot, by car, public low-
or you can be chauffeured comfort of your hotel's wheelchair bus.

Particular highlights for wheelchair users in Victoria:

- Limousine Service: Pick-up and delivery service to the station accessible from Rollibus Oberstdorf
Memminger from airport or from home

- Trips to the Rollibus

- Guided walks specially developed to meet the needs of wheelchair users

- Rolli-hiking map with directions from the house and many tips for your trips

- Resource material: shower toilets electric Faltrollstühle, Lifter, care beds, and more.

- Nursing and physician comes to your home

- Physiotherapy (especially water)

- Sliced or pureed food

- Diets such as lactose-or gluten-free diet

- Personal service, advice and assistance in difficult situations

There is more info's on our side:
Wheelchair Hotel

Sheet of wheelchair spaces

1.Entrence to accommodation:

steps, door width 100 cm, normal front door

2nd Lift wing 1:

infinitely accessible Flurbreite front of the elevator, 280 cm, 80 cm doors,
Depth 140 cm, width 110 cm, 90 cm height of the controls

Lift wing 2:

infinitely accessible Flurbreite front of the elevator 170 cm, 90 cm door width,
Depth 140 cm, width 110 cm, 90 cm height of the controls

3.ciridor wideness:

300 cm, no steps


infinitely accessible, door width 95 cm, no steps in the living room, closet, usually with clothes lift, room phone, color TV, radio bedroom: door width 95 cm, bed height 48 cm - 68 cm, width varieert next to the Bettlängsseite btwn 70 and 200 cm, space before foot of 180 cm, Bettlängsseiten: mostly with wheelchair lift ask (please)

Balcony: accessible by bridge plate, door width 96 cm, width 670cm, depth 150


coridor in front of the bathroom at least 130 × 130cm, 93cm width of the door, no steps, movement area 190 × 240cm.

Door opens to the outside,

Toilet height difference between 43 and 51 cm, can be further increased with in-house toilet paper, a free space on the left or right of the toilet 140 × 160, toilet handles mounted: 1x L-shaped handle on the wall and another folding handle on the Freiplatzseite,
Außnahmen: Room 233 handles on both sides, Room 55 Keep holding frame, only 29 rooms a folding handle to the right

Sink wheelchair, adjustable mirror,

Shower room with no threshold passable with floor drain, shower stools either with or without backrests fold down part of wall seat, hand shower, removable and adjustable,